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Be Up To No Good By Making Your Own Harry Potter Clutch

You’re going to need a clutch to put your things in on your next trip into Hogsmeade — how about one made out of your favorite book?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An extra copy of your favorite book (don’t use your only copy!)
  • Two colors of fabric (I used Gryffindor colors!) – 1/4 yard of each
  • Zipper – I used 20”, but the length you need depends on size of book you’re using
  • Strong all-purpose adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter
  1. Open the book as wide as you can, take a deep breath, and start slicing out the pages with your box cutter. (You might want to save the pages for another craft later.) Remember that the length of the book will determine the size of the inside of your clutch. The thicker the book, the roomier your clutch.


  1. When you’ve removed all the pages, cut out your primary fabric color to fit the outside of the book flaps. Glue them to the book, and fold them over and glue them down inside. (It doesn’t have to look beautiful inside yet — you’ll cover all these rough edges up later.)


  1. Glue 1-inch strips to either side of your zipper and to the top to cover it completely on all sides. Unzip the zipper, and glue it around the inside perimeter of the book.
  1. Cut your secondary fabric to fit the inside of the book and cover up all your unsightly edges.


  1. Fill your clutch with your must-have items, then go out and find some mischief.


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