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Attack on Titan and Other Anime Become Table and Card Games

Attack on Titan and Other Anime Become Table and Card Games

Attack on Titan fans must still wait to see what the next step is in Eren Yeager‘s war against the big’uns, but thanks to the crew at Cryptozooic, it’ll soon be far easier for us to imagine how that next step could shake out. The company’s announced a cooperative deck-building game crafted around its signature Cerberus engine. With 188 game cards, eight hero cards, five wall sections, ten wall tokens, eight standees, and a turn marker, up to five players can assume the roles of acrobatic Survey Corpsmen during an urban assault by the series’ infamous giants. Fittingly, locations and movements are key to play, meaning many turns focus on the heroes’ fleet-footed traversal of towers, rooftops, and walls.

Attack on Titan card game

Why, it’s an extra-excellent time to have both “gaming” and “anime” in one’s hobby set, as the recently-formed Shinobi 7 outfit has announced plans to distill several popular shows into your deck and onto your table. Space Dandy and Tokyo Ghoul will inspire deck-building card games, while Strike Witches and Spice & Wolf will become board games with respective basis in miniatures and economies.

Now, details are still scarce and the games are still several months away, so there’s time to catch up, but supposing you play these adaptations before watching the actual shows, here’s the 411 on each…

  • Strike Witches re-imagines World War II aerial combat as a series of dogfights between sexy gals literally wearing flight engines as knee-high boots. So… the bread ‘n butter of figurines, already.
  • Spice & Wolf has the kind of super-specific premises only anime provides. It sets the romance of a merchant and wolf goddesses amid the thoroughly-detailed trade and barter of a fantasy world. And that would gamify rather easily.
  • Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternate world where humans, cannibalistic zombies, and their assorted hybrids enjoy a tense co-existence. One can imagine these cards being largely devoted to sorting out the show’s zoological/demonological hierarchy.
  • And Space Dandy is about a “dandy guy in space.” Seriously, imagine a jocular space opera starring Zap Brannigan. Let’s hope this game captures the humor, because that’s the show.

What shows are you dying to see as games next? Or are you dubious about how well these selections will fare after the gamification process? Fill the talkback with your thoughts/hope/fears!

Image Credits: Cryptozoic

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