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Alpha Schedule

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Alpha is a new platform that brings Geek & Sundry and Nerdist together to create original, interactive programming that you won’t see anywhere else. You’ll get live programming, movies, and early access to our existing series, as well as forums, access to special events, and the chance to win awesome prizes. All times below are in Pacific Standard Time.

Alpha Live Schedule


7:00 PM | VAST — Join Jackson Lanzing as he guides two separate crews of players through the VAST universe. Each week, the show alternates casts, viewing the same story and events through the eyes of two very different societies. Each will encounter their own challenges, adventures, and possibly even each other!


6:00 PM | TableTop — Catch the newest episode of TableTop Season 4 every other Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST. Episodes will be available for Video on Demand on Alpha the following day.

7:00 PM | Talks Machina — Brian Wayne Foster dissects the adventures of Vox Machina on this Critical Role after show, which features cast member appearances, fan creations, Q&A sessions, and giveaways.


6:00 PM | Alpha Book Club — Geek & Sundry and Nerdist team up to talk books! Join Rachel Heine, Nerdist’s Editor-in-Chief; Geek & Sundry’s own Hector Navarro; and the absolutely amazing Maude Garret as our intrepid trio (plus special guests) discuss a different book chosen by the Alpha audience each month.

7:00 PM | Choose Our Destiny: Improv Adventure — The Tin Can Brothers star in an interactive improv show that allows the audience to choose and suggest story elements based on the episode’s starting premise.

8:30 PM | Escape! — Join Janet Varney as she locks a bunch of your favorite celebrities in a room together to see if they can solve the numerous puzzles and riddles inside in order to free themselves in under a half hour. Episodes will be available for Video on Demand on Alpha the following day.


5:30 PM | Mothership — Mothership is a variety show that pulls together the personalities, topics, and interests across Nerdist and Geek & Sundry into one glorious, interactive package.

7:00 PM | Critical Role – Matt Mercer and the rest of the Critical Role team continue their adventure for fame, glory, and fun. Critical Role on Alpha features enhancements like real-time, dynamic character sheets, damage and heal animations, and numerous other visualizations to help bring you into the world of Tal’Dorei.


6:00 PM | Max Hit Points — NerdStrong Gym coaches Andrew Deutsch and Christy Black lead an RPG-styled campaign for fitness! Fun, motivational, fantasy themed exercises as well as lifestyle and nutrition tips make this much more than your ordinary workout show.

8:00 PM | Otaking Heads — Todd Haberkorn and a rotating cadre of guests cover everything anime, from the latest releases to curated selections to fun and interactive readings and more.


About Alpha

Alpha is the new premium content platform from Legendary Digital Networks that allows fans to interact with feature channels and personalities to form immersive communities around their passions. Alpha’s fully interactive channels include Nerdist Alpha, which features exclusive content from the genre and popular culture experts at Nerdist, as well as Geek & Sundry Alpha, offering specially curated content from the award-winning geek culture and lifestyle authorities at Geek & Sundry. Alpha bridges the gap between the audience and content through special features including original programming, chat, polling, and live fan experiences. 

Offering online and offline perks to its members, including access to special Alpha members-only events, prizes, product discounts, and more, Alpha will provide a highly immersive, interactive experience with its original content. Additionally, members will have access to select episodes of existing fan favorite Nerdist and Geek & Sundry shows including The Dan Cave hosted by Nerdist Senior Editor Dan Casey, Co-Optitude featuring Felicia Day and Ryon Day, Because Science hosted by Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, and more, 48 hours before the shows are available anywhere else.