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Join the SSR with Agent Carter Everyday Cosplay

Join the SSR with Agent Carter Everyday Cosplay

If you’re like me, you’re a teensy bit obsessed with the amazing vintage fashion that we get to see on Marvel’s Agent Carter. And while it wouldn’t be hard to actually cosplay Agent Carter‘s characters, it can be fun to incorporate the classic looks into our everyday fashion, rather than go all out. So get your suspenders and red lipstick ready and channel your favorites from the SSR with these everyday cosplay looks.

Jack Thompson

This is a low-key vintage look with an added bonus of suspenders! You get bonus points here if you copy Jack’s classic tie look, and any blazer you wear with this outfit is best used for casually draping over your shoulder or a nearby chair. You can really drive the look home by adding a classic wool felt fedora to the outfit, but (since there’s a bit of baggage with dudes wearing fedoras) make sure it’s just a cherry on top to complete your 1940s-inspired outfit.

Everyday Jack Thompson

Dottie Underwood

While Peggy’s definitely got some classic style, Dottie’s also got some truly killer vintage flair. You can channel her looks with a mustard top, but update it a bit by wearing a shorter A-line skirt rather than her usual fairly-conservative knee-length skirt. You’re on your own trying to get those badass Red Room moves into your everyday life.

Everyday Dottie Underwood

Edwin Jarvis

If you want to channel the energy of one of the most trustworthy, helpful men in the Marvel universe, then this look is for you, Mr. Fancy. It’s perfect for someone who wants their everyday look to be classy, yet functional, while they help geniuses like Howard and Tony Stark. Let me just go on record that I do not recommend adding an English accent to this look if you aren’t actually English.

Everyday Edwin Jarvis

Peggy Carter

Of course you can’t have Agent Carter everyday cosplay without Agent Peggy Carter herself. If you’ve got an “I know my value” attitude, then this look is perfect for you. Classic red hat or not, this outfit will make you feel confident enough to run the entire world and stop any baddie that gets in your way.

Everyday Peggy Carter

What is your favorite look from Agent Carter? Have you done any Agent Carter everyday cosplay? Tell us all about it in the comments!


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