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What is Geek and Sundry?

Geek & Sundry is a hub for the geek community that celebrates individuals and fuels their connection both online and in real life.

Founded by actor, writer, producer, Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible, Eureka, Supernatural) this multi-platform media outlet that has built a community of geek voices to share their love of everything and anything.

In 2012, Geek & Sundry launched as a part of YouTube’s premium channel initiative. Geek & Sundry has produced the very best of indie geek culture with a diverse lineup of shows and pioneered the way we consume media. Exploring the verticals of comedy, gaming, comics, music, literature, and beyond, Geek & Sundry has formed an online community that has transcended all barriers and is led by prominent geek icons like Wil Wheaton, Sean Plott, and Felicia Day herself.

Since its conception, Geek & Sundry has gained over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, 12 million fans across all social platforms, won countless awards for their shows including Spooked, Caper, Space Janitors, and LARPs: The Series, crowdfunded over $1.2 million for Season 3 of their hit show TableTop, and raised over $160,000 in support of The Lupus Foundation of America with the launch of their Twitch channel.

In 2014, Geek & Sundry was acquired by Legendary Pictures and joins Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Industries and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls as part of their digital branch.