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A Supernatural Obituary

A Supernatural Obituary

CAUTION: Major spoilers ahead. If you have not seen last night’s episode of Supernatural, “Dark Dynasty”, read on at your own risk.


The deaths of well-beloved characters aren’t a new thing for Supernatural fans. Still, it doesn’t matter how many times our favorite prophet gets scorched by an angel, how many times our favorite archangel dies in the heat of battle, or how many brave hunters are killed along the way, a new death still hurts a lot. And this latest Supernatural death most definitely hurts, and it hurts a lot.

Last night, the wonderful, clever, funny, brave, and loving Charlie Bradbury was killed by the Styne family. Charlie had been working tirelessly with the Book of the Damned to find a cure for the Mark of Cain, in hopes that she could save Dean Winchester, a man who had essentially become her brother. She died protecting the work she had done, protecting the secrets she was able to unlock, and she died to protect–and hopefully save–Dean.

charlie and dean

Charlie wasn’t always a hunter. She wasn’t that different from any of us. After losing her parents in a tragic automobile accident, Charlie used her intense knowledge and her vast computer skills to become a skilled hacker. Despite her computer crimes, she was able to stay out of the realm of the supernatural until landing a job in IT at Richard Roman Enterprises. It was here that she first met the Winchesters, and first had to face off with a dangerous supernatural being–leviathan. Despite her natural–and totally understandable–fears, Charlie was able to do what she had to do, and helped the Winchesters gain valuable information on Richard Roman.

Later, at a LARP event, Charlie (that’s the Queen of Moons to you) met back up with the Winchesters investigate the suspicious deaths of a couple of the LARPers. Once again, Charlie proved herself brave in the face of ridiculous circumstances, and even though she just wanted to live a normal life, she did what she had to in order to save her subjects in Moondoor–and the rest of the world.

charlie and dean investigate

The Winchesters continued relying on Charlie, and her interest in hunting grew as well. Charlie accompanied Dean on an investigation when Sam was too ill, she worked with Dean while they were trapped in a jin-induced nightmare, she traveled to freaking Oz with Dorothy herself to hunt, she helped Dean defeat her “evil self”–even though it meant getting hurt herself, and she spent her last days working tirelessly to save her brother from a horrific curse.

charlie short hair

I will miss Charlie so much. She was the sister Sam and Dean may have never wanted, but she was the sister they always needed. Charlie wasn’t like Sam and Dean. She didn’t grow up a hunter. Charlie instead was presented with the craziness that hid in the dark, and instead of running, she stood to fight. She spent her days exemplifying courage in outrageous situations, strength in the face of overwhelming odds, and intense love for her family. Charlie may not have been a Winchester by blood, but there isn’t a more Winchester thing to do than give your life to save your brother. Besides, we all know by now that family don’t end in blood.

Charlie Bradbury

We will miss you Charlie, and I know I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still holding out hope that you aren’t gone forever. After all, we all certainly need you around here. You were a light in darkness, a much needed laugh in the midst of sadness, a loving sister, and an inspiration to all of us that we could all someday do great things. Hopefully they’ve got some killer video games up there for you. We’ll miss you, kid.

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