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A Princess Ought To Be – From The Comedy Musical LearningTown starring Paul & Storm

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Don’t forget to watch LearningTown the webseries in which comedy duo Paul and Storm take over a legendary kids’ TV show, and with the help of timid producer Cookie and super fan Teddy, try to keep from completely screwing everything up.

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A princess ought to be a model of gentility

And be loving, gentle, warm and sweet and kind and motherly

Teaching you and me to be the bestest we that we can be

And she will smile so regally when she takes tea at half past three

Because she comes from royalty and if you know your history

Then it is really plain to see the way a princess ought to be

A princess ought to be someone less dull and matronly

But more like a sexy warrior from Japanese TV

‘Cause our fundamental need is lots of eyeballs on TV

And a girl of 23 could help us demographically

And postpubescent boys agree: a dose of sexuality

Is central to their fantasy of what a princess ought to be

A princess ought to be not quite so sexist or so twee

Not defined by looks or labels, but by her ability

Mixing true gentility with unconventionality

And her versatility informs her personality

Earning her equality and true originality

But her agreeability does not imply passivity

Because if called upon then she could kick an ass or two or three

I mean…at least it seems to me, that’s what a princess ought to be

MUSIC and LYRICS BY Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo and Paul Sabourin

Also starring Bresha Webb and Mike Phirman. Special guests include James Urbaniak (Venture Bros.), Greg Benson (, Maurissa Tancharoen (Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog), Weird Al Yankovic and many more!

Created by Paul Sabourin, Storm DiCostanzo and Josh Cagan

Directed by Sean Becker

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