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A Mother Tries to Figure Out Overwatch Through Pictures

A Mother Tries to Figure Out Overwatch Through Pictures

“Is that glowing thing her heart? Or does it breathe for her?”

The questions are about Tracer, whom this lady has dubbed “Falcon” based entirely on appearances. When her son explains that the chest-mounted “glowing thing” makes Falcon move very fast, she observes, “She’d probably be hard to catch.”

The Bostonian known as “Karhall” is a huge Overwatch fan. He was eager to share his love of the game with his Mom. However, as modern games grow more complex, they get increasingly trickier for outsiders to wrap their heads around. Indeed, far from being plumbers who just jump down sewer pipes or giant gorillas who simply throw barrels around, the combatants of Overwatch all have intricate designs and highly involved back-stories. Any character Karhall wanted to introduce his Mom to would require a lengthy explanation.

But maybe it’d be more fun if he didn’t explain them to her? Or at least not too much? That was the idea behind a series of posts he just recently put up on his Tumblr. Karhall presented an image of each Overwatchmen, recorded his Mom’s first impressions, and then put these quick observations on meme-like character cards. He also withheld the characters’ actual handless, letting his Mom name them herself. As such, Bastian was rechristened “E-Rektor” with a note about how “he’d be hard to defeat because he’s a robot.” See a few of them below.

Whether it’s the novelty of seeing how 2016’s hottest game franchise appears from the outside looking in, or the simple sentiment of seeing family bond over a hobby, these little character cards have gone viral. They’ve blown up so big, in fact, that mother and son have recorded a little video message thanking everybody who’s enjoyed them. D’awwwwwww

Have any Overwatch fans in our audience had similar experiences explaining the game to their loved ones? Share all your comical misunderstandings in the talkback.

Image Credits: Blizzard


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