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6 Cats that Look Like Star Wars Characters (Other than Adam Driver)

6 Cats that Look Like Star Wars Characters (Other than Adam Driver)

Yes, we’ve all seen the cat that looks like Adam Driver, but let’s be honest: there are many faces in the beloved franchise that resemble many beloved felines.

Let’s go through just a few:

Jabba the Catt

Jabba Cat

You know this ruthless crime boss keeps track of what he’s owed and knows of an unholy creation buried in the sand that those who cross him will have to face. And by that, we mean he knows when it’s mealtime and makes you regret giving him soft food when it’s time to clean the litterbox.

Meowz Katnata

Maz Cat

This orange tabby seems to have eyes that can pierce into the souls of those who stop by her sanctuary, as well as the wisdom that living nine lives would bestow. You know her secret stash of “missing” mice also might happen to have a long abandoned lightsaber as well.

Purr Dameron

New Poe Cat

Playful, with a killer instinct, you know Purr knows how to take down his prey.

General Leia Purrgana

Leia Cat

That kitten looks really, really sad, like a cat who has seen a lifetime of abandonment and tragedy. Little kitty, we’ve seen your inner strength and resilience. And for that, we salute you.

Luke Skypouncer

New Luke Cat

That wistful look in this cat’s eye? That’s because he wants to hit up Tosche station for, well, you know.

And last but not least, this cat that does a killer Chewbacca impression:

What do you think? Which character most closely resembles a cat? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: David Brown | Flickr (2.0 CC)
Image Credits: Lucasfilm (Fair Use),  PCB75 (CC 2.0), Sukanto Debnath (CC 2.0), Duck Lover (CC 2.0), Brian McGilchrist (CC 2.0)

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