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50 Years of Doctor Who in 5 Vids: DW for Newbs

50 Years of Doctor Who in 5 Vids: DW for Newbs

Everyone is busy celebrating the Day of the Doctor and getting ready for the 50th Anniversary episode this weekend. But what if you’re pretty new to Doctor Who? Geek & Sundry has you covered!

Here’s a round-up of the best Doctor Who videos for people who don’t know much about Doctor Who!

1. What Does The Doctor Mean to You?

WHO is the Doctor? Why should you care? Michael from the Idea Channel talks us through it.

2. The Must-See Episodes of Classic Doctor Who

Doctor Who spans 50 years of television. Kiri points out which of the old episodes you should watch for a quick catch-up to the modern series.

3. A Brief History of Doctor Who

What is even going on? Check out this speed-run explanation of series 5 through 7.

4. The Top 5 Doctor Who Companions

The word “companions” keeps being thrown about. Let’s learn a little more about five of them.

5. The Doctor Who Theme Cover

All those Whovians sure do get excited about the theme song! Learn a little bit about the crazy origin of the theme and rock out to this electric violin cover.

Now, you are finally prepared to get excited about and watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Trailer!

Armed with your new Doctor Who knowledge and understanding, go forth and watch the 50th Anniversary Special! Also be sure to check out the Doctor Who 50th Live Pre-Show this Saturday at 2:30PM EST on BBC America or BBC America’s YouTube channel.


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