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5 Tips Everyone Needs to Know to Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon GO

5 Tips Everyone Needs to Know to Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon GO

We think most people who visit our site are pretty smart and can agree that Pokemon GO is awesome. However, there have been a lot of accidents and incidents reported since we all began exploring the world as Pokemon Trainers, so we wanted to share our top tips for staying safe while catching ’em all.

Tip 1. Poke’Walks

When you go on group Poke’Walks or Poke’Hikes, bring plenty of water. It’s very easy to get swept up with the game and end up walking for miles and hours upon hours. Make sure you bring (and drink!) enough water to stay properly hydrated. No one wants to pass out when they’re trying to catch Dragonite.

Image Credit: Pokemon Company International

Also, when moving with a big group for Poke’Walks, be careful to notice your surroundings. Catching pokemon is fun, but being walked into while catching is not fun. If you encounter a pokemon, step out of the path of other walkers before trying to catch it. Also, some walkers move faster than others. Consider establishing some rules about this with your group before you start your walk. For instance, faster walkers can pass on the left while slower walkers stay to the right of the path, allowing for easier traffic flow.

Tip 2. Location Location Location!

Hopefully, none of you do this, but there have been reports of people demanding entrance to police stations or getting shot for trespassing on private property in order to catch pokemon. If it’s private property, a police station, or any place that states they don’t want trainers catching pokemon there; don’t go there. Instead, try going to public parks or city hot-spots. These will usually have several poke’stops and several trainers around. This means these poke’stops are more likely to be lured and it’s more likely rare pokemon will be around!

Image Credit: NBC

Also, don’t knock on a stranger’s door and don’t let strangers in your house to catch pokemon! You can usually get close enough to catch the pokemon from the street without having to go in someone’s home. Although it sucks, you never know just who is on the other side of the door. Instead of knocking on random doors, why not go to your friends’ places and see if there are pokemon there? Even if they don’t have pokemon at home, you can probably drum up enough friends to all go to a park together and catch some there. You could even go on a poke’walk (See Rule 1).

Tip 3. There’s a Time and Place

Very few things are as exciting in Pokemon GO as turning on the app somewhere and seeing a lure on a poke’stop nearby. However, be careful. There have been reports of people putting lures on poke’stops to literally lure trainers over and mug them. When you see a lure on a poke’stop, consider the time and location before going.

Image Credit: Pokemon Company International

If it’s a well-trafficked place during the daytime, it’s probably safe to go. Always consider going with a friend or two, especially if it’s late or you don’t know the area. Alternatively, you can stock up on incense or use lures on poke’stops yourself. Incense eliminates the need to go to a lured poke’stop. Or just use a lure on a poke’stop you know is safe. Bonus, combine that lure and incense combo to increase your encounter rate to the max!

Tip 4. Look Both Ways

Many of us have been taught to look both ways when crossing a street since childhood, but, given the reports of pedestrians getting hit while playing Pokemon GO, we figured it warranted a reminder.

Image Credit: Pokemon Company International

Pay attention to that load screen! Gyarados might not pop up, but cars and other vehicles often do. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and never step off the sidewalk without looking both ways (Yes, even at crosswalks).

Image Credit: Pokemon Company International

Instead of keeping your head buried in the app, set your phone so it buzzes when pokemon are nearby or put it on battery saver mode. When you set these mods, you can keep your phone at your side or in a pocket. This way, you don’t have to have your face in a screen to catch ’em all!

Tip 5. Don’t Catch and Drive

It can be hard not to check your phone for texts while driving and even harder not to check for pokemon, but please don’t do it. We kinda like you guys and want you to be around for a while. On top of being extremely dangerous and illegal in many places, Pokemon GO doesn’t even work well at high speeds. Seriously, just don’t do it.

Image Credit: Fox

If you really need to go somewhere and can’t stop playing the game long enough to get there, have someone else drive. Or get someone to take your phone away from you and hide it until you finish whatever task has you driving. If you do play while in the car (again, with someone else driving, please) just be ready for the game to lock-up if you go more than 20mph.


Next time you go out to catch ’em all, please keep these tips in mind and stay safe. Did we miss any safety tips? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Pokemon Company International

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