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5 Things You Should Know Before Before Preordering Resident Evil 7

5 Things You Should Know Before Before Preordering Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is nearly upon us, getting read to bust through your window and scare you half to death on January 24, 2017. Have you scheduled that day off from work so you can sit back and soak in everything it has to offer or are you still on the fence when it comes to whether or not it’s actually worth picking up?

It’s understandable if the latter’s the case–it’s going to be a divisive release because of its commitment to realism and its new virtual reality component by way of PlayStation 4. If it’s a game you think you could see yourself playing this winter, make sure you take stock of these five things you should know before preordering. It may help sway your eventual decision!

VR Makes The Game Substantially Scarier

While the game is scary on its own without the peripheral, you might want to consider whether it’s worth it for you to invest in PlayStation VR before taking the plunge with Resident Evil 7. There’s an eerie, deeply personal edge with exploring the game in VR, especially when enemies chase after you or you find yourself unsure of where to head next. It increases the creepiness factor tenfold, so it’s certain you’ll be able to appreciate the game much more if you spring for the extra hardware. Take it from me–you’re going to be scared out of your wits if you’re actually “in” the game and can move around.

It’s Less Action-Oriented This Time Around

If you’re someone who hopped on the Resident Evil train around the time Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 became massively popular, you might find much of what you enjoyed about those games missing here. They’re much more focused on the survival horror aspect of the series. Throughout much of your time in Resdient Evil 7, you won’t have anything to defend yourself with. You’ll need to bide your time and go into hiding, even though your first instinct may be to go in guns blazing and blow some zombies’ heads off. That’s not really what the game’s about this time around, so make sure you keep that in mind.

The Game Will Be Familiar, But Also New

While Capcom certainly isn’t trying to alienate its older audiences, it’s moving in a new direction. It’s been previously stated by Capcom themselves that there won’t be many flagship characters appearing in this title, but by the same token, you’ll see herbs in-game and you’ll have to use them and even combine them to heal yourself. Hopefully, These elements will make the game appeal to both veteran fans and new ones alike.

There Won’t Be Cues For You To Save Yourself

In many instances throughout Resident Evil 7, you’ll be faced with monsters that can’t be eliminated quickly or even at all. In the “Lantern” VR demo, you’re looking to escape a particularly terrifying old woman who won’t rest until you’re six feet under the ground. The game isn’t going to hold your hand or give you as many quick-time events as it can to make sure you’re safe. Once you enter, you’ll be in No Man’s Land, so temper your expectations. If that doesn’t sound like the kind of game for you, you might be better served playing something ele.

Western Horror Influences Guarantee More Scares Than Cheesiness

Many of the Resident Evil games are looked back upon fondly for their bizarre plot twists, awful voice acting, and strange character designs. It’s become part of the Resident Evil mythos, in fact, to include silly one-liners and at least partially unbelievable situations. Resident Evil 7 seems to have doffed most of that sort of attitude in favor for more Westernized horror influences, as well as darker, grittier graphics. If you were a fan of P.T., the “playable teaser” for the now-defunct Silent Hills, this should be up your alley.

Are you still excited to be playing Resident Evil 7 when it releases? 

Featured image credit: Capcom

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