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5 Nerdy Christmas Song Parodies To Make The Season Shiny

5 Nerdy Christmas Song Parodies To Make The Season Shiny

Holiday music. Why does it always have to be so…darn…catchy?

Do you hate getting holiday songs stuck in your head all month long? Same here. We’ve found a handy solution for this problem: nerdy parodies! We’ve shown you a few nerdy musical parodies before, but here are five more written specifically for Christmas. Not into Christmas? Totally fine. Here are some Hanukkah Cats.

Carol of the Brains – Not Literally Productions

“Carol of the Bells” is one of the coolest sounding Christmas songs already. Who ever thought it could get cooler by the addition of zombies?  Apparently Not Literally Productions did. If you enjoy this video, check out their Doctor Who parody of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”


A Very Fangirl Christmas – OnlyLeigh

Here’s an adorable song from OnlyLeigh that can unite fangirls of all faiths and fandoms. Imagine peace on Earth through Game of Thrones and Firefly…until that one person dislikes something and it all goes in the crapper. Well, she tried.


All I Want for Christmas Is Games – James Adams & Ben Schuller

James Adams and Ben Schuller perfectly summarize what all gamers want for the holidays — more games! A majority of the big titles come out in November and December so it’s the perfect time of year to give the gift of gaming. Besides, nobody wants socks.


The Twelve Days of Wizard Christmas – Gred and Forge

There is a staggering amount of Harry Potter-themed music out there, including lots of holiday songs. In fact, there are FOUR whole albums of them. Wizard rock band Gred and Forge have a few holiday songs, but this one may be the most fun to sing along with. Excuse me for ending that sentence with a preposition. Speaking of which…


Grammar Got Run Over – The Library Bards

The Library Bards‘ latest release came just in time for the holidays. They took the classic Christmas song “Grandma Got Run Over” to create an anthem about grammar with the help of literature’s greatest authors. Does it get much geekier than a grammar song parody? Not really, no.

What are some of your favorite geeky holiday parodies? Share them with us in the comments!

Featured image credit: OnlyLeigh

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