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5 More Pinball and Arcade Bars To Visit Around The World

5 More Pinball and Arcade Bars To Visit Around The World

Bars where you can play pinball and arcade games have been popping up all over for the last several years. Since our last list of pinball bars and arcades was published, we’ve heard about a few new places outside of the United States that are certainly worth visiting. Next time you’re traveling the world, be sure to play some pinball and arcade games with the locals at these spots.

Hungarian Pinball Museum in Budapest, Hungary

333-cc2e06a38bImage Credit: Pbal Gallery / Hungarian Pinball Museum

The Hungarian Pinball Museum in Budapest features over 130 pinball machines as part of their permanent and interactive exhibit. This pretty much seems like the coolest museum ever. Whether you’re a pinball newbie or expert, you’ll love the experience.

The Silver Ball Planet in Osaka, Japan


Image Credit:  The Silver Ball Planet

With dozens of machines, The Silver Ball Planet is a must for any pinball-obsessed traveler. With a huge selection of games and a laid-back atmosphere, you might end up spending your entire trip to Osaka here.

Bartronica in Melbourne, Australia

bartronicaImage Credit: Bartronica / Facebook

With not only a ton of pinball games but also tasty beer and cocktails, Bartronica in Melbourne is one of the coolest looking arcade bars on the list. With a rare and fresh rotation of machines, you’ll want to keep coming back to this spot!

Denizen Hall in Edmonton, Alberta

denizenhallImage Credit: Denizen Hall / Facebook

Denizen Hall is a perfect combination of a nightclub, pub, and arcade. Whether you’re just looking to play some games or want to mix up the night with some dancing, this is the spot in Edmonton for you. Plus they have game giveaways, theme nights, and delicious-looking eats. Sounds like the perfect place to camp out for a fun night!

Forgotten Worlds in Melbourne, Australia

forgottenworldsImage Credit: Forgotten Worlds / Facebook

Forgotten Worlds not only features arcade games, but also movie nights and drink specials. Plus, they’ve got music and craft beer. Socialize while enjoying a variety of arcade games the next time you find yourself in Melbourne.

What did we miss? Let us know your favorite local pinball and arcade bars around the world!

Featured Image Credit:  The Silver Ball Planet

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