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5 Mind Blowing Minecraft Logo Builds

5 Mind Blowing Minecraft Logo Builds

Minecraft builds have become another way for fans to showcase their art skills. Using blocks within their customized world, there are some users that have created some stellar pixelated fanart. Here are 5 of our favorites.

1. Cartoon Network logo
OH MY GLOB. JHedzWorlD created Cartoon Network’s instantly recognizable logo that just makes us want to binge watch Regular Show immediately.

2. Pokémon
@xscotteyx on Twitter not only built the iconic anime’s logo but some of its fan favorite characters. Is anyone bold enough to attempt all 151 pocket monsters? (Yup, only counting the original 150 and Mew…come at me.)

3. In N Out Burger
This Minecraft build speaks to the gamer in all of us. Great, now I’m sorta hangry.

4. Jurassic World
This pixelated art doesn’t even look like it was built in Minecraft. Can someone build Chris Pratt and his raptor squad too? Please?

5. Geek & Sundry logo
We have amazing fans. Period. Some of our Cos-Player viewers created this logo in our very own server. It frakkin’ glows, guys. GLOWS.

What are some of your favorite Minecraft builds? Share them in the comments below!

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