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5 Geeky Musical Parodies You Need to See

5 Geeky Musical Parodies You Need to See

It should be no secret that we at G&S absolutely love geeky songs and song parodies! From I’m the One That’s Cool to the Book Tour Song, we’re all about the geek music. Here are five of our favorite channels for geeky parodies!

Library Bards

Check out this awesome Shake It Off/Hobbit parody from Library Bards (featuring one of our amazing Twitch hosts, Erika Ishii)! The Library Bards are an up and coming nerd parody group featuring Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds) and Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest). You can see more on their channel here.


Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall tends to focus on producing high-quality Disney parodies and videos. This medley he and Pentatonix produced for The Wizard of Oz is simply astounding! Check out Todrick’s channel here.



It’s hard for me to pick just one song from Animfantastic to feature here, but their Final Countdown/Age of Ultron parody takes the cake! Featuring past and present G&S Twitch hosts, previous G&S vloggers, and not one, but two bands that have been featured on the Twitch channel, this parody is a cornucopia of recognizable faces. Catch more stuff from Animfantastic (including an awesome Hobbit/Billy Joel parody) here.



Instalok is unique on this list as their videos are focused specifically on League of Legends. The parodies are awesomely hilarious (and their videos are nothing to sniff at either)! Just look at this hilarious Radioactive parody. Make sure you click here to find more of their music.


The Hillywood Show

Check out this hilarious Pirates of the Caribbean parody from The Hillywood Show. The Hillywood Show is known for their super slick parody videos. Recently, they partnered with Nerdist to produce an awesome Supernatural parody. Keep an eye out for their upcoming Hocus Pocus parody on their channel here.


Featured Image Credit: The Hillywood Show

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