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5 Characters Supernatural Needs to Bring Back

5 Characters Supernatural Needs to Bring Back

Spoilers ahead. If you aren’t caught up on Supernatural, read on at your own risk. 

Supernatural has been in our lives for a decade now. After such a long run, a show that’s full of monsters, demons, and other terrifying things that go bump in the night, it’s no wonder that we’ve had to bid tearful goodbyes to some of our most beloved characters. Heck, even Sam and Dean themselves have kicked the bucket a few times. The thing is, just because you “die” on Supernatural, doesn’t mean you’re gone forever.

Both Sam and Dean were flung into the depths of hell and bounced back. Bobby died, but he still is known to show up on the show from time to time. Mary Winchester has been dead for decades, but we’ve seen loads of Mary-focused episodes. Though Supernatural is very experienced in having characters that are only “mostly dead”, watching a well-loved character die is still incredibly traumatic–and Supernatural loves to kill off well-loved characters. Since this is a show that dabbles in the dark arts and bringing back the dead, I have a few characters that I’d like to suggest the Supernatural powers that be bring back into our lives.



Technically, we’ve seen Ash since his death, though that visit happened in heaven, but I want more Ash in my life. This sweet, mullet-sporting, computer genius was not only a huge asset to the Winchesters, but he was a hoot to see on screen. Ash brought much-needed levity to a show that can get pretty darn heavy at times. Plus, Sam and Dean haven’t had a non-supernatural friend in quite some time. I think it’d be good for them to have another human in their lives.

Jo Harvelle

jo harvelle

Jo is another one we’ve seen briefly since her death. Jo was brought back for a short time by the Egyptian god Osiris. She was largely being controlled by Osiris, which meant she was being compelled to kill Dean, which is not quite what I mean when I say “bring her back.” Jo was a fantastic character, and I would have loved to have gotten the chance to learn a bit more about her backstory and more about her dad’s partnership with John Winchester back in the day. Plus, she was starting to become quite the formidable hunter, and I’d love to see her chasing down more monsters. And, if nothing else, she and Dean are hysterical together. We need more Jo.



Gabriel, aka the Trickster, has played possum several times before. Gabe’s latest run-in with death was accompanied by the commonly accepted angelic death knell–the wing scorch marks around the dead angel. Still, we in the Supernatural have really had a hard time accepting he’s  dead. Surely the dude who trapped Sam and Dean in TV land can’t really be gone, right? He figured out how to fake those scorch marks, didn’t he? The show writers even played to the fandom’s refusal to accept Gabriel’s death by bringing him back–sort of, it was Metatron projecting an image of Gabriel to lure Castiel to him–and even having him wink when Cas outright asked him, “Are you really dead?” They’re totally setting us up for more Gabriel, and it would be just like him to look properly dead and then come back like it was no big deal.

Kevin Tran

kevin tran

Okay, so I get it. You have to kill characters on this show. Killing characters we love is the Supernatural writer’s favorite thing to do to the fandom. But OMIGOSH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TOUCH KEVIN TRAN??? Kevin, advanced placement student and prophet extraordinaire, was not only a wonderful addition to Team Free Will, but he really became an honorary Winchester. You know, family don’t end in blood and all that. Kevin was not only awesome due to his honorary little brother and prophet status, but he also had the greatest character arc going from scared, awkward high school kid to badass prophet/hunter. He was brought back for a bit as as ghost since Sam/dreel killed him while heaven was still boarded up, but as far as we know, he’s now moved on. BUT I HAVE NOT. I don’t know what crossroads demon I need to speak with, but I need more Kevin Tran, like, yesterday.

Charlie Bradbury

Charlie Bradbury

I’ve already shared how utterly heartbroken I am that Supernatural killed off one of my very favorite characters. If Kevin Tran was Sam and Dean’s little brother (sorry, Adam), then Charlie was their little sister. I looooved Charlie. Not only was she the character with whom I could most closely identify, introducing her into an episode always meant something awesome and crazy was afoot (LARPing? Oz? Being trapped in a video game? YES, PLEASE). I was so sad that the writers chose to kill Charlie and dump her in a bathtub (and so was the rest of the fandom, apparently), and watching them give her a hunter’s funeral made me a bit panicky that we’ll never see her again–though I have a teensy bit of hope since we see Bobby all the time after his hunter’s funeral. I mean, she’s already died and been brought back to life once, why can’t they just do it one more time? I NEED more of the Queen of Moons in my life! Wait, where was that crossroads demon I spoke with about Kevin Tran? I need to add something…

Do you agree with my list, or are you okay with some of these characters staying dead? What characters do you want brought back on Supernatural? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 


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