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5 Celebrities Who Want to Play Geeky Icons & How We Feel About It

5 Celebrities Who Want to Play Geeky Icons & How We Feel About It

As comic book and video game movies are hitting popular culture as blockbuster hits, more and more celebrities obviously want to be involved. Here’s a few celebs who have put themselves forward for various geeky projects, and what we’d think if we were the casting directors.


Ronda Semus

The former UFC bantamweight women’s champion is no slouch when it comes to either action or geekdom. As she told Gamespot in an interview, she’d love to star in a Metroid movie as Samus. If we’re talking about kickass female characters being played by kickass females, it’s hard to argue that this casting doesn’t make sense on some level.

The Pros: She can fight in a suit. As Ronda described in the interview, “[t]he suit doesn’t really bug me at all because I grew up doing judo. A gi is big and chunky and uncomfortable to move in–you get used to it.” She is also obviously like Samus out of the suit, both as a long-haired blonde and an athletic female who is killer in a 2 piece bathing suit.

The Cons: Her acting is somewhat stilted, to say the least. While Fast & Furious 7 wasn’t going to get nominated for any best actor awards, she still stuck out because of her wooden performance. That can probably be remedied by keeping her in the Metroid suit and helmet for most of the movie. It seems she wouldn’t mind either stating, “most of the day you’re in a suit, so you can just hang out and eat donuts and be the star of Metroid.” At least she’s got a fantastic attitude.


The recognizable character actor recently tweeted a teaser about Lobo, and though no project is official, we have to throw in our two cents.

The Pros: He’s got the face and the badass look for it, that’s for sure. He can also play tough-guy funny as a super macho straightman, which enriches the portrayal, given that Lobo has been known to worship a pacifist fish god. It takes a certain level of humour to pull something like that off. The Cons: He’s a little short and his build is a little small. But if they cast a 6’4″ actor to play Wolverine (who is supposed to stand 5’3″) they can certainly skew the other way.


Given the after-credit teaser of Deadpool mentioned including Cable in the sequel, a few gents have already stepped into the ring to duke it out. And after this tweet, we’re warm to the idea:

The Pros: He’s fit, he’s got the look, and he’s pretty darned hunky. Deadpool drew girlfriends and wives into the theatre by selling the romantic angle (or perhaps they just like superhero movies), so maybe the sequel can appeal to our moms by featuring such a silver fox.

The Cons: We can’t think of any, to be honest. Did we mention that we have a bit of a crush on Stephen Lang?


Dropping the idea last summer, Nathan’s love of obscure super heroes shone like gold.

The Pros: Fillion’s depiction of Captain Hammer was just a test run for his role of Booster Gold. From being vain and aloof, to whiny and weak, he’s got this in the bag. There’s also the boon of Alan Tudyk saying he’d play Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle, which we have to list as a pro.

The Cons: There are no cons. They need to make this movie right now; maybe we should start a petition to convince Warner Bros.


The Pros: Daniel Radcliffe as Tim Drake to Ben Affleck’s Batman sounds pretty fantastic, we have to admit. He’s also a great actor, so we’re reasonably sure he can pull it off.

The Cons: He comes off as a little bit old, and even the miracle of technology couldn’t make Orlando Bloom look like his younger self for the Hobbit movies. All that said, the crowsfeet or bags under the eyes are easily written off as hard living in Gotham, combined with late nights fighting crime.

What do you think of these actors playing these roles? Who would you want to see play your favourite geeky character? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox (Fair Use), Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Fair Use)
Image Credit: Ronda Rousey Official Facebook Page (Fair Use), Nintendo (Fair Use) 


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