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5 Awesome Things You Need To Understand About Slytherins

5 Awesome Things You Need To Understand About Slytherins

Break out your green and silver, kids. Today’s the day to raise the Slytherin banner high and share a little love for one of the most misunderstood houses in all of Hogwarts. Sure, we’ve got a certain, noseless evil wizard in our list of alums, but there is actually a lot of awesome in the Slytherin house.

It’s time to buck the stereotypes and stop letting the skeletons in the Slytherin house’s closet make us ashamed of our proud house. We might be the “bad kids” of Hogwarts, but that doesn’t stop Slytherin from being one of the coolest houses in all of the wizarding world. While evil wizards have hailed from Slytherin, being a Slytherin isn’t synonymous with being a baddie. Being Slytherin is only synonymous with being awesome.

Slytherin Are Fiercely Loyal

sly2Image Credit: Giphy/Tumblr

Slytherin are simply fiercely loyal friends. A Slytherin may not be the loudest guy at the party, and he may not have people say things like, “they’ve never met a stranger” about them. No, a Slytherin picks their friends carefully. However, once you’re in with a Slytherin, you’re in for life. There is no one else you want in your corner than a Slytherin, because they will go down swinging to the very end for anyone in their circle.

Slytherin Are Ambitious

A Slytherin dreams big, and they chase after those dreams. Slytherin are all highly intelligent and highly skilled individuals, and their aspirations reflect that skill. When a Slytherin thinks about their future, they see great things for themselves, fully realizing their dreams, and they aren’t embarrassed about shooting for the moon. If you’re a Slytherin, it means you’re skilled, ambitious, intelligent, and that you’ll stop at nothing to reach your goals.

Slytherin Aren’t Crazy Competitive

sly1Image Credit:

While Slytherin may be ambitious, they aren’t necessarily interested in competition. Sure, they are ambitious and have clear goals, but a Slytherin is more interested in achieving their goals rather than simply beating others or collecting accolades. A Slytherin is certainly cunning and will stop at nothing to get what they want, but what a Slytherin wants isn’t usually to be the best for the sake of being the best. Why is that a good thing? It means that your Slytherin friend will be there, cheering you on as you rock the world and achieve your goals without having any weird jealousy or competitiveness getting in the way.

Slytherin Have Some Pretty Awesome Alums

Yes, Voldemort was a Slytherin, and he was the actual worst. Though he’s definitely the most famous of our ranks, it doesn’t mean he was the most important wizard from our house. Slytherin was also the house of Andromeda Tonks (maiden name Black). While her sisters Narcissa and Bellatrix chose the path of evil, Andromeda was disowned after she fell in love with and married a Muggle-born wizard. Her and her husband were also fierce allies to the Order of the Phoenix (of which Andromeda’s daughter, Nymphodora–aka Tonks–was a member). And let’s not forget about Regulus Black. While Black may have been a Death Eater in his youth, he eventually learned of Voldemort’s plan, defected from the Death Eaters and hid a horcrux from Voldemort himself.

Still not convinced? It seems a certain modern master of musical theater also calls Slytherin House home:

Slytherin Won’t Let Themselves Be Pushed Around, But They’ll Be Smart About It

Slytherin aren’t ruled by passion and emotion. We certainly won’t let people push us around, we’ll protect our own, and we may be okay with letting our house’s sordid past act as an unspoken intimidation factor (you know, bloom where you’re planted and all that). We won’t rush headlong into danger without thinking rationally about the situation first. Slytherin have a strong sense of self-preservation that tempers our decision-making. So when a Slytherin acts, they’ve picked the best, most lucid option as opposed to the option that is selected in the heat of an emotional moment. It may not be as flashy or as sexy, but it is usually a lot more effective.

Being a Slytherin is amazing, and we’ve got a lot to be proud of, today and every day. How are you going to be celebrating Slytherin pride day today? What’s is your favorite thing about being Slytherin? Let me know in the comments! 

Feature Image Credit: theladyavatar/deviantart

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