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5 Anime We’re Excited About For Summer 2017

5 Anime We’re Excited About For Summer 2017

From the depths of the hollow Earth to the heights of aerial costumed battles, and then back down to Earth in an engineering student’s lab or an instructor’s dance studio, the crop of anime this summer promises the kind of variety that makes most TV programming look positively narrow by comparison. Here are just a few shows we’re intrigued about as the new season gets rolling.

Made in Abyss

Why look up to the stars for new frontiers when there’s still so much to explore beneath the surface below? This network of subterranean caves is called “the Abyss,” and it’s full of countless creatures and mysterious relics. Those who search its depths are called Cave Raiders, appropriately enough, and a little orphan girl named Rio has always dreamed of being one when she grows up. Her aspirations take a strange turn, however, when she meets a robot boy during one expedition.

Ballroom e Youkoso

The world of professional dance is fraught with danger and intrigue–more than even Black Swan could’ve led you to believe! We follow young Tatara as he’s almost literally saved from bullying by dance, going on to ascend the ranks of his enigmatic mentor Sengoku’s studio. Based on just the trailers already, this looks to lavish a new level of artistic rendering on its dance floor choreography. It may even do to professional ballroom what Free! did to competitive swimming!

The Reflection Wave One

A global event, neatly dubbed “the Reflection,” empowers random people all over Earth. Some use their abilities for good, other for evil, and the two camps are sure to clash as the world gets to the bottom of this mystery. From Tiger & Bunny to One Punch Man to My Hero Academia, American-style superheroes have been popping up a whole lot in anime. So, it fits on a whole bunch of levels for Marvel comics godfather, Stan Lee, to be masterminding a series of his own with top Japanese talent. And it’s already looking to be much more ambitious than Heroman, Stan’s last anime.

Chronos Ruler

It’s… it’s… it’s like an anime Doctor Who! Based on the manga, this stylish series follows the custodians/marshals/rulers who must intercede to protect history whenever anybody wishes they could turn back time. Wait–what’s so bad about a little regret? Well, in this world, such wishes summon demons who will quite literally eat up like the fabric of the space-time continuum. So, having a handsome “Ace Ruler” or two on call really is in the best interests of anybody who wants to hold on to the good times.


TV anime somehow manages to hold onto vestiges of the past while still venturing forward to subjects of the future. To wit, sports may have fallen out of vogue in the US, but this show promises to cover a new sport that hasn’t really been dramatized much in America. If you’ve enjoyed BattleBots enough to wonder what sort of elbow grease goes into such ro-beasts’ manufacture, here’s the show following college engineers as they do just that. Who’ll be crafty enough to earn the title of “RoboMaster?”

Do you agree with our picks? Disagree? What would you put on this list? Drop all your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Kinema Citrus

Image Credits: Project No.9, DandeLion Animation Studio LLC, Production IG, Studio Deen, Kinema Citrus

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