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3 Star Wars Tabletop Games To Lose Yourself In Before The Force Awakens

3 Star Wars Tabletop Games To Lose Yourself In Before The Force Awakens

Star Wars is truly a Force of its own, spanning generations while connecting with fans in ways few other franchises can dream of. Some enjoy the action and melodrama of a samurai space-opera focused on the deep bonds that form in troubled times while others may prefer the kick-ass action sequences that happen on an intergalactic level.

With The Force Awakens almost upon us, Star Wars mania is at an all time high. While it’s not hard  to understand why Star Wars has been able to grasp the hearts of so many, fans looking to fully immerse themselves in the lore may find it a little overwhelming.  Worry not, padawans! There are plenty of recent games that do an incredible job bringing a galaxy far, far away just a little closer to home and help you embrace the Star Wars culture before the force awakens.

X-Wing Miniatures Game

Created by Fantasy Flight Games, the X-Wing Miniatures Game gives players control over a small group of Rebel or Imperial fighters, simulating the kind of intense dog-fighting that we see in the movies in a relatively easy to understand turn-based tabletop game. Lots of parts, counters and a few measuring devices may make the game seem overwhelmingly complex from a distance, but Fantasy Flight has done a great job boiling down the rules to something that makes sense and is easy to remember. Space battles are a huge lure to Star Wars fans, and the fact that these collectible ships look great on a display shelf doesn’t hurt either. If you have a few friends to play with the X-Wing miniatures game does a great job at simulating the ship-on-ship dogfights that have made the X-Wing and Tie Fighter so iconic to the series.

Star Wars Armada

If simulating ship on ship battles isn’t enough to scratch that Epic Space Battle itch then Armada may just be what you’re looking for. Centralized around the capital ships of the Star Wars series, Armada offers a much more scaled version of X-Wing’s dogfights, simplifying the dogfights while adding a whole new layer of strategy in the form of imposing Rebel and Imperial flagships. Although the two are very similar, there’s something undeniably awesome about taking out a Star Destroyer or using scores of Tie Bombers to cut down a Rebel Blockade Runner. Detail on the fighter ships is a little low, but if you’re the kind of fan that enjoys painting their models the option for customization is an added bonus.

Edge of the Empire

If you’re familiar with Dungeons & Dragons then the odds are high that you’ve seen Age of Rebellion in your local hobby shop a couple times. A Star Wars based tabletop game Edge of the Empire sets itself in the background of the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, putting players at the far reaches of the galaxy in search of… whatever interests them most!

It may sound strange to preach a pen and paper RPG as being a ‘uniquely immersive’ experience, but Edge of the Empire’s dice rolling goes a long way in helping add flavor and action to the game’s combat. Everything from the damage of a blaster to how well you repair your ship is handled through a dynamic system that focuses a little less on stats and a little more on DM narration. Toss in a pool of dice for both players and the DM that they can reach into in order to help their rolls and you’ve got a system that makes every game feel fun with very little effort. Edge of the Empire requires a dedicated group of friends to play with, but for fans of tabletop role playing, the kind of experience Edge of the Empire delivers will definitely give a unique twist to what may normally be dragonslaying.

Have another favorite Star Wars tabletop game? Let us know in the comments!

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