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3 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Watching Galavant

3 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Watching Galavant

Galavant is the little show that could, and it’s just come back for a second season. A season, frankly, no one thought it would get due to low ratings. Hell, I sat down to watch the first season when new episodes were still airing, and I remember saying to myself, “I love this show! Too bad it’s going to get canceled.” I basically assumed I was the king in this GIF and everyone else was the ratings board:


Lucky for us, the show looked at the ratings, shrugged, and went right on singing. Oh, haven’t I mentioned? This show is also a musical.


If that hasn’t snagged you yet, here’s three good reasons to give this show a watch:

1.) It’s a medieval fantasy comedy musical.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people grouse that there’s “nothing original anymore”, or how they “want something different”. Well, here it is, just waiting for you to bask in its awesome. The comedy is on point, the music is on point (Alan Menken is involved for crying out loud), and we have a fresh cast that’s eager to please. It’s basically everything we loved about the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling” and more, but it’s an entire show. You are certain to be left with a bad, but not unpleasant, case of earworm after just a few episodes.


2.) It has loads of fantastic guest stars.





I am not kidding. And season two has already begun to trickle them in, but I’m not telling who. You’ll have to see for yourself.

3.) The villains are as fun as the heroes.

More fun even. Okay, this point is really an excuse for me to talk about the show stealing King Richard (Timothy Omundson), a wicked, but inept ruler. All of the cast is amazing, but Richard absolutely slays every time he’s on screen. I don’t think I’ve ever wished more for a GIF with sound.


The show also gives its supporting characters their moment in the spotlight, which is refreshing. There is not a weak link in the chain.

There is no reason to not watch this show unless you hate fun. Now…


All Image Credits: ABC

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