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3 Long Board Games to Take You Through Your Extra-Life Marathon

3 Long Board Games to Take You Through Your Extra-Life Marathon

Long Games for your Extra-Life Marathon

Extra Life is coming up and it takes a strong gamer endurance to last the full 24 hours of gaming. While a majority of board games last from 45-90min, there are a few games that can take 4-8 hours. Let’s take a look at a few of those games and what makes them so much fun!

Through the Ages – Eagle Games

Through The Ages Gameplay

Through The Ages – BoardGameGeek

Through the Ages starts players out in the Ancient Age, allocating workers and additional resources to build up your civilization. You build resources by spending action points on cards or allocating workers to buildings. Each turn changes as new cards are revealed advancing the game up to the modern age. This game is around 4-6 hours long, but managing civilizations and cards keeps the turns fast paced and players paying attention to the action on the board. If you are looking for some longer games for your Extra Life Event, this game also comes with an easy learning mode to play right out of the box.

Twilight Imperium – Fantasy Flight Games

Twilight Imperium - Fantasty Flight Games

Twilight Imperium is the granddaddy of long board games, taking anywhere from 6-11 hours. This galactic epic can hold up to 8 players, choosing different races, technology, and home worlds. Factions compete for victory points and control of the capital planet in the center of the galaxy. Players build up their fleets, learn new technology and expand their reach across multiple planets, all while making alliances and battling other players for dominance in the galaxy. This game offers multiple play styles, giving options to cut down game time or making it even longer, if desired. This is not a game for beginners, but if you are up to the challenge, this would be a great game to play during your charity marathon.

Talisman – Fantasy Flight Games

Talisman - Fantasy Flight Games

Talisman is a game of mythic swords and dragons and is one of the longest board games on the shelves. It has been know to end with the table flipping before a character reaches the Crown of Command to win the game. Players travel around the board into three different realms, while battling monsters and leveling up their skills. Only having reached the third ring of the board and making it past the final skill challenge can that character win the Crown. The gameplay itself is easy to learn, choosing different character types and rolling the dice to move across the board. This game is great for drinks, snacks, and spending time with friends. If you are looking to spend time during your marathon playing a relaxing game that may turn into table-flipping fun with friends then, look no further than Talisman! currently on its 4th Edition for the fantasy setting and there is even a new Warhammer 40k Edition as well.

Extra Life is all about playing games for the kids and raising charity for a good cause. Along with the games mentioned above, a good role-playing game would be able to make your event fill the time. If you’re looking to give and let other gamers sweat over a pair of dice, you can always join our Extra Life team and support an amazing cause. Take a look at the games out there and play some games this weekend!

Feature Image Credit: Twilight Imperium/Fantasy Flight Games

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