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2016 in Review: How to Make the Best of Your Two Player Game Night

2016 in Review: How to Make the Best of Your Two Player Game Night

Game night has arrived and there are only two of you. Maybe you’re date night-ing it up with your significant other or perhaps you couldn’t scrounge together any other friends outside of your roommate and cat on this particular evening. Whatever the reason, we here at Geek & Sundry, have written about many tabletop games this year that you and your friend can play whenever you find yourself in need. Some games are even best played with two people, and here are some of our favorites we talked about last year!

Two Player Versions Better Than the Original

We’ve all played Settlers of Catan but have you played Rivals of Catan? Here we chat about games with two-player counterparts even better than their originals.

Great Duets in Board Gaming

Two player games are often like a great 80’s ballad or a tango, better when there’s two people to mess it up. Here we discuss some of the best, simple, give and take style games.

Three Terrific Two Player Tabletop Games

We got an inside scoop from the master of two player games, Rahdo on Youtube. Here are his top three picks for when there are just two.

Push Your Luck in this Pirate Card Game for Two

Love pirates, treasure, and easy to play strategy games? Then check out this review of Dead Man’s Draw.

Best Board Games for You and Your Best Pal

We all love playing tabletop games with our best pals. In this article, we give you even more amazing games to play with just two people and they’re all wonderful.

Have you played these games or are you excited to try them out? Let us know your thoughts! And don’t worry, there will be plenty more games to uncover in 2017; so when you’ve exhausted these you’re not left high and dry.

Featured Image Credit: Geri’s Game, IMdB.


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