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10K Supporters Reached for LEGO ‘Women of NASA’ Set

10K Supporters Reached for LEGO ‘Women of NASA’ Set

Whether you build sets with instructions or run wild with only your imagination to guide you, there’s no denying that LEGO is meant for everyone. When building with LEGO bricks, pieces, and figurines, it’s like you’ve taken off into your own little world, a world that you’ve discovered all on your own.

There are few adventurers better at discovering new worlds than the illustrious associates of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, who uncover secrets of the final frontier on a daily basis. You may know Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong from their Apollo 11 NASA mission, but other key players in that historic moon landing included the brilliant Margaret Hamilton and Katherine Johnson, whose software and calculations were critical to the mission’s success.

Writer and LEGO enthusiast Maia Weinstock understood the importance of women like Hamilton and Johnson in space exploration and technology and created the Women of NASA petition on LEGO Ideas, where fans enter creative designs in hopes of seeing them come to life through the magic of LEGO.


Also included in the set are Sally Ride, the first American woman in space; the “mother of Hubble” herself, astronomer and NASA executive Nancy Grace Roman; and Mae Jemison, physician, astronaut, and the first African-American woman to travel in space.

In a matter of weeks, the petition for Weinstock’s LEGO set reached its goal of 10,ooo supporters thanks to fans of science and feminism alike, which brought the project up for consideration to the LEGO designers and executives for approval. Now that we’ve done our part, all we can do is wait for the final verdict.

How many boxes of the Women of NASA LEGO set do YOU plan to purchase and distribute to your friends and family? LEGO lovers, let’s talk about this or any of your other favorite LEGO Ideas designs in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbbabble!

Featured Image Credit: LEGO Ideas

Image Credit: LEGO Ideas

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